Stefan Matthies is an accomplished executive coach, working with Fortune 500 clients in senior management and executive positions for over 27 years, both in the United States of America and in Germany. In 2001, Stefan relocated to the USA, and has established his company, matthies international, based in Silicon Valley, California, and in Germany. He is actively engaged in the USA and regularly provides leadership workshops and executive coaching in Germany to keep up with the latest developments in both countries’ business worlds.

Stefan provides personal and professional development coaching in the areas of leadership, team building, conflict management, communication and presentation skills. In addition, he focuses on intercultural issues between the US and Europe. By providing cross-cultural awareness and contrast-culture training programs, global executives become more effective in foreign business practices.

Stefan’s coaching and training approach is highly interactive, practical and results-oriented. One unique coaching technique that he applies is the use of humor in the business world. His ability to mirror corporate situations in a humorous yet respectful way has been proven to be very impactful. The use of humor empowers clients to find solutions in a more relaxed way by taking the observer position. He also offers shadow coaching as an effective and quick personal development tool.