matthies international is your complete source for
executive coaching, team coaching and cross-cultural integration

Executive Coaching
• Improve leadership performance
• Develop self-awareness
• Incorporate emotional intelligence
• Enhance effective interpersonal skills
• Refine executive presence

A thorough key stakeholders’ analysis with 360° feedback, interviews and leadership assessments kick off a transformational coaching process. Leaders work on their strengths and development areas in an impactful, elegant and light way. Coaching is work and can be fun too!

Team Coaching
• Build high performance teams
• Increase effective global-team leadership
• Inspire teams to work more productively
• Achieve synergy through cultural integration
• Reduce team conflict

Stefan accompanies leadership teams by shadowing their meetings, giving effective feedback, and develop the team towards better options, team cohesion and team alignment.

Organizational Development
• Align organizational set up and strategic direction
• Improve collaboration across divisions
• Enable corporate culture of excellence
• Define new leadership model for the organization
• Empower organizations for profitable growth

Profitalbe growth of organizations needs organizational and leadership alignment, excellent collaboration at all levels. Change needs to happen at all levels within the organization.

matthies international is dedicated to helping global organizations achieve greater results by improving the effectiveness of their executives and their global teams across diverse cultures and national borders.

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